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STOCKHOLM, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) --- In a bid to combat littering at the Vasaloppet cross-country skiing competition, 15 minutes will be added to participants' finishing times, should they be caught throwing rubbish on the ground during the race, Swedish Television reports.


Vasaloppet covers 90 kilometers from Salen to Mora in central Sweden. Organizers have long pushed for a zero-tolerance policy on littering. However, efforts have so far not had the desired impact, the head of Vasaloppet, Eva-Lena Frick, told Swedish Television on Tuesday.


Frick said staff members equipped with cameras will be stationed along the ski tracks. She said: "We have inspectors who might not always be visible but they will film and take pictures ... So they will make sure there is picture evidence of littering and that means you can be penalized."


Apart from penalizing individual skiers who litter, organizers will also introduce more designated "littering zones" during this year's event. The rules also apply to all the races that are planned in the week running up to the main event, which takes place March 5th.


You will marvel at the potency of this ingredient on your pimples when you try it to your acne. To use it just mash up an individual garlic and after that you can apply it on the skin by dabbing it in the pimples. Leave it there for some time and then wash it off. Repeat this often and you should see a great improvement on your body.


2. Sweetie:


Honey is an additional great remedy to take out pimple scars. To use it you just rub it on the pimple scars preferably during the night time and then people wash it off in the morning. You can use bandage to counteract having a play. This process will cause the acne scars to fade away within some time.


3. Ice Cube:


You can use ice to reduce the swelling and also to shrink the size in the pimples. Just put the ice directly on this pimples for 2-4 minutes and you should see the difference on your acne.


Now that you might have gotten this several home remedies to get rid of pimple scars. I will give out a complete home remedy that has worked for thousands of people. Check the link below to learn more.
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Acne is a very popular skin condition or infection among many people and some older too. It can appear anywhere on the body and can make you feel truly embarrassed and less confident particularly when in company with some others. There are many ways to reduce acne scars, acne Cheap Jimmy Howard Jersey , zits, blackheads but carry out works effectively together with permanently as organic remedy.


If you are suffering from acne or you might have suffered from acne pimples and want to reduce the scars linked to it Cheap Tomas Tatar Jersey , these are the three of the greatest treatment for acne scarring marks you can start using today and begin seeing dramatic improvement on your skin within a short period.


1. Apply Ice cubes: You should apply ice directly to your skin. It will shrink the acne or even cause the swelling on your body to reduce. You can try this between 4-5 minutes and you’ll be able to apply some grounded aspirin on the acne. Although you may experience some pains but ultimately this remedy does work.


2. Garlic: Garlic is incredibly popular in dealing with many skin infections including acne scarring. Garlic is among the best acne home remedy available, and you can sprinkle directly on your acne by mashing it up perfectly and then you sprinkle on the affected component of your body Cheap Gustav Nyquist Jersey , by dabbing it on the acne scars. By doing this constantly as often and often you will discover your pimple scars fading away inside a week.


3. Honey: Honey is very medicinal and possesses some great properties that will do awesome wonders on your skin. All you decide to do is just rob it on your body as you would probably apply cream on the body and you’ll be able to leave it as long as you want. But it’s best to apply it on during the night time and then wash it away every day.

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