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PoE Reave Build - What Ascendancy And Gear To Use?

With the recent(ish) addition of Shaped and Elder items, ''Stat Sticks'' have become a lot more popular and can be used to scale damage to another level. As someone who hasn't done a build with one yet I thought I'd give it a go. Also Reave's AoE was buffed in 3.1 and seems like a really good clear skill so I decided that this could be a sweet build to make. For more details on the build, you can browse U4GM.

What Ascendancies work well for a Reave build? One of my Guildmates uses Scion but I think Champion could be pretty strong too. What Gear (Body Armour and Weapons) works best too? With the change to Vaal Pact the Bloodseeker claw is looking very tempting, has anyone used this claw with success? Can it pair well with a stat stick item?

The only ascendancy you really need from slayer is the leech on full life so scion can take advantage of that but honestly slayer has hardly been touched with the latest ascendancy changes. We lost stun immunity but with kaoms roots being meta it hardly matters. Scion has access to the leech and also a better position on the tree for life and other good clusters.

There's some small bonuses for it, but ultimately the most dangerous thing in this game is not healing up to full HP fast enough after taking a big hit. The Leech from Slayer is much better than the bonuses to defense for Champ. Champ has insane damage though. Basically built in Resolute Technique with no penalty. Come collect more PoE Currency cheap to choose your favorite build!

Jugg is actually pretty nice. With crab armor you can wear an abyssus in hardcore and still feel mostly immune to phys damage. I skipped the damage/aoe per charge asc and unstoppable and just wear kaoms roots. The overleech on scion slayer/x does seem nice tho.

DPS is lower on Jugg compared to Champion. Thats the tradeoff for survivability. But with proper gear, you still one shot everything, and against bosses you might prefer tankyness. Undeniable is absolute sick note for DPS, gives tons of accuracy and attack speed. Jugg should have more attack speed than champion and Slayer (Jugg being slow is such a bad urban myth).

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