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Path of Exile: RF Jugg Question

You are currently playing your RF build and I have some questions: Elder guardians (tier 15) and elder (tier 14) have been killed. Your questions are will your damage and survivability increase a lot by swapping: Unique mace for a good elder based mace?Your current helmet only has elemental damage to socketed gems. How worth is it to get the burning damage support and % burning damage. We are sure more people than ever will be looking to buy PoE Currency cheap as the game has just launched in China!

You would get more damage with an elder helm that has socketed gems are supported by Burning Damage and Concentrated effect, no horror essence necessary. This is also significantly cheaper than essence of horror! The next upgrade from there would be horror + Burning Damage but that is very expensive.

Something like this.

For a sceptre upgrade try this: buy a shaped sceptre, a ilvl75+ void sceptre or opal sceptre is good. Spam alterations until you get socketed gems are supported by level 18 elemental focus. Then regal: if you get attack speed or fire damage that's awesome, otherwise you try and annul the regaled suffix. Then craft multi-mod, fire damage, attack speed, damage-over-time (leo), blood magic (vagan) the total cost is around 5ex but you get much better SR damage, and your SR will be using life instead of mana, meaning you can reserve all your mana and not worry about sustaining SR.

For mace doryani is hard to beat. A full mirror RF scepter is really only slightly better dps wise but will have IAS for your shield charge. Doryannis can also roll up to 100% where yours is 89. Good 2-3 dmg jewels and life are what take most builds into the true max dps they're capable of. Just alt spam and regal anything with 2 of either: Life, fire dmg, area damage, DoT. As you know, here at U4GM, we are huge fans of Path Of Exile and the more people who can play it the better!

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