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O.J. Simpson is not planning to move from Nevada to Florida like he told state parole officials before he was released in October from Nevada state prison Bradley Roby Jersey , his Las Vegas lawyer said Thursday.

The 70-year-old former football hero, acquitted murder defendant and armed robbery inmate has not filed paperwork with parole officials to move to a different state, attorney Malcolm LaVergne said.

”Mr. Simpson has no immediate plans to return to Florida,” LaVergne told The Associated Press. ”He’s very much enjoying his time here in Vegas. It’s January, he gets to play golf every day.”

A Nevada state parole and probation officer handling Simpson’s case did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment, and Florida prisons spokeswoman Ashley Cook said her agency has not received documents from Simpson seeking interstate custody.

Simpson has been spotted in public in and around Las Vegas several times during the more than three months he has been living in a friend’s five-bedroom home in a gated and guard-patrolled community several miles (kilometers) from the Las Vegas Strip.

He drew a crowd of selfie-seekers Jan. 7 at a Las Vegas bar and pizza shop during an NFL playoff game featuring one of his former teams, the Buffalo Bills.

An outing in November to a steakhouse and a lounge at the Cosmopolitan resort is in dispute, after officials ordered Simpson off the Las Vegas Strip property and prohibited him from returning.

LaVergne denies claims that Simpson was intoxicated or disruptive, and alleges in a Dec. 29 letter to hotel officials that the incident was a malicious and racially prejudiced effort to embarrass Simpson and jeopardize his parole status.

The Cosmopolitan has not responded, company spokeswoman Samantha Grimes said Thursday.

Simpson has earned almost eight months of good time credit since his release from prison, bumping up his expected release from parole to Jan. 18 Authentic Ronald Jones II Jersey , 2022, from the original Sept. 29, 2022.

He was released to parole Oct. 1 after nine years in prison for leading five men, including two with guns, in a September 2007 confrontation with two sports collectibles dealers at a Las Vegas casino hotel.

Simpson insisted he only wanted to retrieve personal mementoes and items stolen from him following his acquittal in Los Angeles in the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

Simpson was found liable for the killings in 1997 and ordered by a California civil court jury to pay $33.5 million to victims’ families.

David Cook, a lawyer continuing to pursue payment for Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman, said this week that with interest accruing daily Eddie Jackson Jersey , the total amount owed his client now is nearly $71 million.

Cook is asking a California judge Jan. 30 to let Goldman claim any money Simpson makes from celebrity appearances or the sale of autographs and memorabilia.

Simpson’s attorney in that case, Ronald Slates, declined comment on Wednesday.

LaVergne denied Simpson has income beyond what he termed a modest NFL pension. He said Simpson has no intention of paying the Goldman judgment.

”He’s publicly said he’s never willingly going to pay them a dime,” the lawyer said. ”He doesn’t have any income to pay. This is all about publicity.”

LaVergne added: ”Everything going on about Mr. Simpson now is about publicity.”

This version corrects the last name of the lawyer in the last sentence, LaVergne not Lavergne

The Bills still aren’t overloaded with talent at wide receiver.

But even after giving up a pick and guaranteeing him money (which added to their gigantic pile of dead money), they couldn’t justify keeping Corey Coleman.

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane told Tim Graham of The Athletic that Coleman might not have had enough time to make a good impression, but clearly never made a good impression.

“Yeah, you know, Corey, he tried hard. He really did,” Beane said. “Where he came in to learn a new offense Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey , he just didn鈥檛 jell. It鈥檚 one of those things you ask yourself, ‘Have we given this enough time?’ The talent鈥檚 there. Anybody that鈥檚 been around the practice field, you see he has a skill set. But we just never were able to make it mesh on the field with him, and it鈥檚 a production business.

“People think, ‘Oh, G.M.s love to protect their draft picks.’ Well, if I鈥檓 protecting my draft picks, I gave a seventh-round pick for this guy and guaranteed some cash [$3.55 million for the 2018 season]. You don鈥檛 want to see that. But you鈥檝e got to be true to who earned the spot, and we just felt in the limited time that we were still unsure it was going to work, and to kick someone else out that we knew would work or felt better about, we just didn鈥檛 feel that was right.

“We talk about earning your spot. We just didn鈥檛 feel he鈥檇 done enough to earn it Michael Johnson Jersey , and in fairness to Corey, it is hard to get here in August and learn an offense when you鈥檙e fighting for reps and haven鈥檛 practiced with any of these quarterbacks. That鈥檚 where I left myself late Friday night as I was debating this: ‘Am I being fair to Corey, and am I being fair to the team?’ At the end of the day, I have to be fair to the team.”

That certainly doesn’t paint the kindest of portraits of Coleman, a former first-rounder who failed to live up to expectations in Cleveland, which led to them giving him away for a seventh-rounder after he lost his job to a rookie.

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