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How to give the best massages to surprise your partner


Fanning the flame as a couple is sometimes complicated, but a good massage ... it never fails!


If you love massages and your partner does not know how to make them well, these are the best tips to make you enjoy as never before. If, on the other hand, your partner does not stop asking you to give him a massage and you have no idea about making them, you also need to know these little tricks. Point! ... thanks to for these tips


1. Concentrate on what you are doing. Let the other person feel your desire through your hands. Enjoy to enjoy.


2. Use creams and lotions with pleasant and suggestive odors.


3. Combine soft caresses with more forceful ones. That feels the affection but also the desire. Warm up the atmosphere!


4. Between caress and caress, kiss him. By the neck, by the neck, going down the back ... You will see how the flame is ignited!



5. Insinuate yourself touching your private parts. With touch, soft, slow ... see what will come after the massage without being too obvious.


6. Touch, feel, look for your erogenous zones and stimulate them. You have to know where to play to make your partner vibrate.


7. Come closer. Body to body. Feel the heat of the skin as you approach her back and touch her chest area. Take the lotion, get your hands and the mess ... This is very sexy!


8. Your hands have to be at all times in contact with the body of your partner, who feels that you like to caress, for any corner of your body.



9. Do not embalm! Go with tact and subtlety. Containing desire will be better for what comes next ...


10. If you are a hopeless romantic, the candles can not miss. In silence or with slow music ...


There you have it! Do not say that the flame is fading. Turn it on surprising your partner!

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