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how to make a video production

Producing a commercial is not difficult, producing a good commercial is. The production values ​​are higher to demonstrate a product quality. A planning apropiou e uniu conceitos as a smooth production and an effective final product. Keep the concept simple, the commercials filho short; from 10 seconds to a minute. A more popular duração é of 30 seconds. The different issuers sell blocks of space for advertising with different increments. Learn about a production and writings for or comércio. The knowledge of the product, which includes the characteristics, price, availability and uses, uses the elements to generate a concept that is not relevant. The script is a detailed list of shots and includes all the elements of the commercial; A lot is half a page. Develop a creative and easy to remember concept that will keep interested in the audience and the visualization of the product in an attractive way. Plan the production. Hire actors and equipment, select a location and secure the right production equipment. To minimize custos, try to shoot all or the same day. Proper planning is important. Create a list of all the things you need to record. Organize a scheme for the day of filming that maximizes effectiveness. It allows space for non previsional issues that have eating time. Prepare a station of som. Hire a set designer to place an order with the sound station, use an existing location instead of designing one. Configure as lights, camera and audio audio. Pro filho professional production lights better. Many companies rent these lights. Connect or equipment from audio to camera. The microphone should be sufficient for more production. Block the commercial. He would block a dry experience that offers or equips, illumination, audio and movement two actors. This ensures that everything is perfect for a final filming. Record the commercial in several shots. Shoot from different angles. Capture a wide variety of shots This is an editor of a selection of material for work. Hire a publisher with experience in commercial editing. Edit the commercial Explain or conceite editor and give the shots. Work as editor to create exactly or commercially what you want. Render or commercial and economic format. Fale com a pessoa to see is determined to impressão. Issuers are different requirements for commercials. So if you need a profesional video production the best advice is take a profesional like

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