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6 Different Types of Motorcycle Riders

If motorcycles differ from one another, so does motorcycle riders. Everyone differs from the way they ride and usually, it reflects on who they are as a person. You might be a rider yourself, yet you are not totally aware of what group of riders do you belong. Take a look at some types of Motorcycle riders and who knows, you might figure out what type of rider you are.

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The Mechanic

This motorcycle riders enjoy staying in the garage to take apart their motorcycles then put it together again in as much as they enjoy riding their motorcycles on the road. They find fun with the idea that the motorcycle they are riding is the same motorcycle that they are taking good care off. They find satisfaction when their hands and cheeks are greasy as long as they are improving their motorcycle.

The Brand Loyalist

To describe these riders, well, they are the ones will ride any motorcycle as long as it’s their brand. They don’t ride motorcycles that are not their brand. They find the motorcycle brands useless or ugly. The only great motorcycle they know is the brand of their own bike. For example, it is KTM bikes alone and not any other brand. You can’t argue with them because you will just loose in the end. You can’t either force them to ride any other motorcycle brand, you are just wasting your time and effort.

The Adventurer

As the term implies, these are the riders who are always on the search for adventure wherever they go. They are the ones who usually go for a ride on undiscovered places or places that will. challenge them and their driving skills. They are the ones who perform dangerous stints even at dangerous curves and places. They are usually the experienced riders as they perfectly k is what they are doing.

The Exclusive


They are the riders who only have one thing in mind – speed. Well, they also think about power at times. They are a big fan of speed and power thus they are usually the ones that can be seen in the race track. Their speed and the power of their motorcycle engine is a big deal to them.

The Stuntman

They are the riders who love to pull tricks with their motorcycle. Most of these tricks or stunts that they perform is a matter of life and death. They are the ones who drive with only a wheel touching the ground and they are often spotted in open places parking lots showing off people what they’ve got. They are driving like a mad man especially when they are performing their stunts.

The Philosopher

These are the riders who find time to master different techniques so that they are assured that everything is doing well. They are the ones who can be co suffered as the walking encyclopedia as they know everything about motorcycles. They see noto4cycle parts different from what we see. For example, we see a piece of metal in there, well philosophers call it in a different way.

There you have it. Do you belong to one of these types of riders? Riding is a fun and relaxing means of enjoying life. Whatever type of rider you are, always remember that you have to be safe and sound at all times.



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