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Range goal and Cubeing fears and Max Meso

So I haven't played maple in some time and I come back to see that a lot of the directors have changed for better or for worse. To get right to the point I suggest ramping up the problem up a bit like (might be a very long list) to get Zakum, the current normal zakum must become easy zakum, the current chaos zakum gets ordinary z cheapest Maplestory Mesosakum, and create a whole new much harder chaos zakum. Same for horntail make the present norm horntail simple honrtail, the current chaos horntail normal, and create a whole new harder chaos horntail.

For the origin abyss supervisors there present chaos forms should be ordinary and make a whole new tougher chaos for them. For hilla her hard form should be normal and create a new hard form for her. For Von Leon his regular form ought to be easy and create a new harder normal type. For Pink bean his current chaos form should become MS Mesos normal and make a more tougher chaos form due to him. There are likely more supervisors but I can not recall them right now but I believe you get the point. The problem for the recent supervisors are way to simple and lost their pleasure of being hard, and I expect you guys give this some thought.

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