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Shop Update: Kaia's Gear

Kit yourself out using the Goddess of War Armor and wield an awe-inspiring weapon! Starting today, but only until Tuesday, 13th February, you’ll discover a package inside
Tera Gold Shop containing the whole set of Kaia’s gear, comprising the Goddess of War Armor, Kaia’s Weapon Skin, her Ashen Wings as well as a Smoldering Fellhorn Helm. Feel her divine power resonate inside you and effortlessly subdue all Buy Tera Gold of your enemies!
Package: Kaia's Gear
    Smart Box: Goddess of War Armor
    Smart Box: Kaia's Weapon Skin
    Ashen Wings in the War Goddess
    Smoldering Fellhorn Helm
Pick inside the proud goddess’ gear today!
Have fun,
The TERA Team

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