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Shop Update: Frostrune Regalia

Become the actual ruler over snow and ice on this frosty attire! Kit yourself out with all the complete Frostrune Regalia, easily obtainable in the TERA Shop until Tuesday, 6th March. You’ll be handed a noble costume with delicate snowflake effects, a Royal Frostrune Weapon Skin plus two icy facial adornments for female characters.
The skin leaves traces of frost with Tera Gold every blow from a weapon, plus in addition, you get 100 Crystallized Snow Explosions that is used to shower yourself a highly effective personal snowstorm.
Pick up yours today and dispatch your enemies to a icy grave!
Package: Frostrune Regalia
    Smart Box: Frost Sovereign
    Smart Box: Royal Frostrune Weapon Skin
    100x Crystallized Snow Explosion
    Frost Princess Visor
    Frost Queen Visor
Transform yourself to Cheap Tera Gold a true Frost Sovereign!
Have fun,
The TERA Team

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