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Path Of Exile Talks Armor Creation

Make no mistake concerning this, there’s many work that enters into any computer game, it doesn't matter how big, small, easy, or complex. And sometimes, the project goes unnoticed or unappreciated when comparing other things amongst gamers. POE Xbox Currency, they recently released the Chaos And Order Mystery Box, where new items and armors awaited players. Well, the armors got the eye of the players, hence the team at Grinding Gear Games chosen to give a much more insight into how these armors got made.
As they talked with a blog post, the armors with this box were can be both parallel and opposite. In fact, this mystery box was the very first time they had ever done “opposing themes” for just a microtransaction. As such, they wanted both armors to check very unique and special, even providing them with their own color palettes include them as stand out all the more.
Then, the method began of getting the armors. The Cheap POE Currency team devoted to the Chaos armor to the post, and showed many bits of armor that revealed what sort of armor begun as a concept first of all.
After they chose some concepts, they merged and refined it until they got what you felt was an ideal interpretation from the piece.
After that came the 3D Modeling aspect. There are two models made. The first is the “high poly” model. In this one, all the info is painstakingly made, regardless of the count. This was it’ll look as effective as it can be. Then, a “low poly” model will likely be made with more basic features, which the high poly model gets its detailed “extracted” and set onto the low poly model, and therefore ready for your game.
Once everything that was done, that it was just a matter of rigging, animating, and adding the special effects to the armors themselves. It’s a lengthy process, even so the results, as you have seen, are worth it.


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