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Did you have a nagging mother as a child? Then you should be grateful for that now

"Finally clean up your room!" Or "Have you already done your homework?" - sentences like these we know from our childhood only too well (what annoyed us ߙ).

Nagging Mama

The result always looked the same:  Mama has been complaining so long, until we reluctantly gave in (and made it quite certain that later never to be like them).

But a study from the University of Essex has now found that nagging moms are not so bad for our future.

According to the study, festklanningar, children of mothers who have been annoying their offspring to do things neatly and conscientiously are more successful in life. In contrast, children who were hardly pushed by their mothers, later not so great success.

Because the way Mama educates us, we get early on important characteristics of our lives, which we internalize and which are later reflected in our professional life. 

For the study, approximately 15,500 girls between the ages of 13 and 14 were followed for six years. It showed that girls with mothers who had high expectations of their offspring went to college more often and later received higher salaries.

The researchers also found that the likelihood of getting pregnant at teenage age was lower among girls with nagging mothers.

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