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2 Million Bikers to DC on 9/11

who's going to DC for the 2 million biker ride?

anybody from Rochester, NY area?


this is starting to shape up as a major 9/11 patriot/biker event.  it is designed to counter the million muslim march. 

Topics: 9/11, ride, event, patriot
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noizy day in DC
  • August 27, 2013
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Y1100 aka #1Darlin
From Florida, heard about it too late, so, so wish I could have been there!
  • September 24, 2013
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it was an awesome event!!!!!  police estimates put the total of bikes at close to 1.2 MILLION!!!!!
i've never seen the capitol district over run with bikes before and it was a pretty sight!
fuck obama and all the POS politicians that want to pretend that no one cares about the scum called islam! 
  • September 24, 2013
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