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Lives in Near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina United States · 52 years old
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December 5, 2015
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About me
After riding for almost 20yrs and 225k, I was a victim of a hit n run March 11 2007. I was given less then a 5% chance of living. I beat the odds!! I lost my left leg initially below the knee. Because I was injured so severely I had 4 more surgeries on my left leg resulting in my loss of my leg above the knee. I suffered other permanant injuries because of it as well.

I had a trike kit installed on my new 08 Road Glide and Im out there riding on 3 wheels now. 15 months after surviving the hit n run, I made my first road trip. I rode cross country 8300 miles from South Carolina to California and back to South Carolina... That was some of the best medicine my spirit and soul needed. Since 2008 I have logged another 50k miles on my trike and it keeps going up Smile

I wake each day after what has happen to me appreciating that I still get to do many things I love to do. Yeah its frustrating not to be able to do those things I can no longer do now, but I do not let it get me down. Life is too short. Each day is never promised, nor guaranteed that you will see it to the end.

There was a passage in the Shaw Shank Redemption movie that went through my mind while I spent 4 months in the hospitals and I try to live by each day..... You can get busy living, Or you can get busy dying.... For me, I choose to get busy living as much as I am able to do.


An honest guy who probably speaks his mind too often. Loyal to my friends, Often stubborn, Sarcastically sharp and loves a good laugh.

I figured this out while spending 4 months recovering in the hospitals.......

These are my words of wisdom.... If you have Courage and Conviction there are others that will see you have Heart and Soul....Do not let anyone or anything that happens in your life take that away from you.... EVER!
Turn on's
Riding my trike on long road trips. Enjoying each new day I have gotten since my new birthday March 07
Turn off's
Cigarettes, stupid drunks, DRAMA!! , bad teeth & hygene
Country, Classic Rock and 80s Rock, Blues